How fixthenix works

How fixthenix works

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fixthenix is an open/ common people website to ask questions and post feedback, reviews and experience, all those which linked with the companies, any product or services.

Employees or Ex-employees are invited to ask a question about the company culture before joining & interviewing OR to write their good or bad experience (generally company reviews) about workplace culture, policies and salary data.

Secondly, we invite common people to come and post their concerns especially negative reviews and feedback and also we welcome positive reviews so that we can guide common users of services and goods those linked with our day to day need/ use.

Employers are also an important part of this website and they have a better chance to let future candidates know about their company’s best policies and to wash rumours against the company.

Members/ users can ask & follow the questions and respond to other member’s questions.

The fixthenix community members then votes thru likes dislike on answers, questions & comments. (either up or down likely as we do on social media platform.)

  • Binz Brownz

    Binz Brownz

    29 April 2020

    Thanks for such a platform which is need of time.

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