When We Feel Better, We Perform Better

When We Feel Better, We Perform Better

It is universal reality that top performers are distinguished by un-matched characteristic; They alway been in strong practice/ habit in maintaining the emotional balance, even in stressful situations. This allows them to rise above challenges, achieve results, and manage complex situations, especially under pressure.

Following are the 5 characteristics of emotional intelligence:

1. Self-awareness is a core ability to accurately recognise our emotions, strengths, limitations, actions and understand how these affect around us.
2. Self regulation
3. Empathy
4. Motivation
5. Social Skills

Still, many professionals are unaware of the stress building up because of constant and growing challenges. These individuals are often highly talented, experienced and knowledgeable. In the same context and when they rise higher in their careers, their stress levels and emotional drain also went rise, and start effecting their work, decision-making, creativity, productivity and relationship with others. In such scenarios we need to take the responsibility for our emotional wellbeing, will balance our stress levels. This state of mind will empower us to influence others positively.
Research says that an average EQ score range is from 90-100, with a perfect score measuring 160.Those who score high in this test should continue to make an effort to understand and empathize with those in trouble on genuine grounds. Those with below average EQ scores may increase their EI by reducing negative emotions.

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