Why most of the people give false feedback instead of true facts?

admin Staff asked 7 months ago

It is culture in most families, societies and at workplaces that people avoid fact based feedbacks.

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admin Staff answered 7 months ago

We the most due lack of courage avoid to say words which might hurt someone even though truths. And it is likely when state/ justice departments delayed in justice that way always in-courage criminals and punish innocents. We must have courage to say truths even in front of concern and even that concerned is a power full someone.

Wolf Alone Staff answered 7 months ago

The same question i was exploring and i found answer from the website named; http://www.situationmanagmentsystems.com a blog on the this topic in followings:
“According to the Harvard Business Review. most people assume the worst when review meetings come up. However, 74 percent of respondents noted that they were aware of problems related to the negative feedback they were given and were not surprised that employers brought them up. Perhaps the fear comes from worse expected reaction from the employer, when in fact the feedback could simply be a jumping-off point for improvement.”

It is very true that worse expected reaction is a core fear which stop people to say something even factful that may can improve either colleague’s performance or employer business.

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