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I read a lot on this topic and still finding someone who really n\’ truly can explain the right inner facts.

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admin Staff answered 4 months ago

Read the reviews on Glassdoor & Quora to get a view on that.

There are multiple reasons behind:
1. Some left google being are frustrated and not succeeded in creating some solid status. They complained on culture and attitude of co-worker’s cheap and multiple insulting behavior.
2. Some leave google because of slow/ less chances of promotion because of high competition.
3. Some leave google because they think they can have better position in other small organization. Some leave with good timing and for job offer by some nice startups.
4. Some leaves because they failed to adjust with the work culture and pace of work.
5. Some figures thing likewise the reasons why people feel unrest due to such repeated reasons for example “Few months ago google entered into a contract with US defence department to facilitate on artificial intelligence to them for a provocative drone programme ‘Project Moven’, through this project the unmanned flying machines can automatically differ between the objects and people by analysing its own footage. Some of the employees were not in ease with this project – resulting: in shorts dozens of employees resigned google voluntarily.

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