Why companies are not taking all those candidates from low profile universities.

wolfalone Staff asked 9 months ago

It is so much unfair while big companies are rejecting candidates from non-popular universities in Pakistan. Here we request to government of Pakistan close these universities or instruct companies to engage and give equal opportunities on competency-based interview while selecting.

Avatar Staff replied 8 months ago

I am agreed that especially HR executives in the private sector shortlist candidates pass out from unpopular universities. They

Tank Man Staff replied 9 months ago

I endorse…

wolfalone Staff replied 9 months ago

There must be law of push such companies on a similar issue and if they do not abide by must be answerable in the court

Tank Man Staff replied 9 months ago

Good question

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 8 months ago

There must be an equal opportunity for students with same excellence from all universities.

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