How one can prepare him/ herself to quit the bad employer.

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Tank Man Staff asked 2 months ago

It is really good to leave bad employer as soon as possible because it hurts being attached to someone who sucks everything; talent & health and both are equal to life. Do someone pass the comments on my concern question and share the story which really gives me the courage and helps me out.

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ZainKhan Staff answered 2 months ago

When to #quit #your #job?
Why people quit their job?
66% of employees don’t plan on staying at their current company long-term.
95% of employees who are not actively job-hunting would still be open to a new job opportunity.
People don’t leave a bad job, they leave bad bosses. The bottom line is the bad managers are bad for business, and they are worse for their employees. (Leah Arnold-Smeets)

admin Staff answered 1 month ago

When to Quit the company/ Job?
There are multiple reasons behind. The top most reasons are company culture & manager attitude with team members. If your manager is ugly and negative person then there are following options
to handle the tough situation:
1. You can change nature of work and manager within company
2. You can leave the company.
3. You have to face the tough situation or learn to absorb. (Not recommended)

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