Do You agree that Everyone Deserves a great Manager?

Your Feedback & Questions About Products & CompaniesCategory: Company ReviewsDo You agree that Everyone Deserves a great Manager?
Tank man asked 4 months ago

This based on decades of research by the author Sir Stephen Covey’s under the banner of FranklinCovey. It is a guidance as every new manager needs to be successful. The understanding, support, tactics and strategy to develop as a leader and turn their people into an engaged, high-performing team.

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admin Staff answered 4 months ago

It is blessing being working under great Manager or good boss. Good bosses holds strong organizational and solid decision-making skills, they timely get done important things without lingering for nothing relate to company policy. Including all qualities being good boss, they care about their company and customers (vendors & suppliers).
And the most important about extraordinary bosses, they do care an extreme degree about the people who work for them being part of their team. There is no doubt a good person is always co-operative and friendly for every human being.

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