Importance of product reviews

Importance of product reviews

At companies like Amazon, Alibaba product reviews is one of the great sale enhancement area. Over 75% of consumers say they always look at product reviews before making a purchase and about 64% indicate they are more likely to buy from the site that has product reviews and ratings. Public proof can reassure hesitant clients, provide additional context and reduce returns by ensuring buyers are satisfied with their concerns.

  • Binz Brownz

    Binz Brownz

    14 November 2019

    Company/ products reviews must be known either joining some company or purchasing products. Some time out of few % many reputed manufacture (Food, Medecine, Cosmetic, Garments) produce junk and flop things and buying (reputed company’s) products with closed eye can also be a eye opening blunder. So that we being a consumer of small/ bulk buyer must search reviews of product and public opinion before buy something

  • Wolf Alone

    Wolf Alone

    14 November 2019

    Public reviews idea is worthy, no one like to buy and spend his/ her hard earn money for testing. Secondly websites which have been built for anonymous reviews like; fixthenix & glassdoor, ZipRecrue, Indeed, Monster and CareerB are the best sources on company reviews.

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