Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What is the whole philosophy behind the “” website?
Ans. This website was created basically to provide space for all those who just wanted to explain/ express their bad experiences against services or products with the intention save someone else to be a victim.
Fixthenix give anatomy to every member to rate the companies, Hospitals & Medical Services, Medicine, Hotels, food chains & restaurants, Shopping Malls, Food products, local and government departments, Banks etc.

Q-2. When almost every company have feedback & review areas on their website and companies allow their customers to express their feelings & experiences about their product & services, either good or bad, why then I need to separately choose this website for the same purposes (feedbacks & reviews)?
Ans. Agreed! not all but many organizations/ companies (Private & Government sectors) provide space to their clients/ customers for feedback or reviews either good/ bad and no doubt people pass their experience. But there is no guarantee either the company retain such negative feedback by their angry customers/ clients. We at guarantee your authentic and challengable feedbacks will not be deleted even on any cost.

Q-3. What is not allowed to write/express at
Ans. Avoid Cheating and giving wrong information without proof or self-experience or information by trusted one/ writing unethical words. Using hate igniting sentences which might be lead to illegal/ anti-social or anti-state. can cancel/ block the membership of all those with Wrong information without prove.

Q-4. How one can become a member of this website?
Ans. Just click on the tab on top at right side of the home page and follow the instruction.

Q-5. Who can be a member of this website?
Ans. This website has been created for a common man. After registration, anyone can be a member of

Q-6. What when no one replying to your question?
Ans. incase no one addresses your question then Fixthenix will take the responsibility to respond to your question within less time

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