Apart But Never Forgotten. (YTHRE)

Apart But Never Forgotten. (YTHRE)

Dear Friend,

I hope you are safe. Life is different these days. We are trying to do things that will make for a better future.
I wanted to write a few lines to all those who have supported us through their donations. Thank you so much for what you do. The success of our village school and the street-kids literacy project for teenagers is as a result of the support given to us by you.
In current times we are unable to meet with our students. We are, however, connected daily with our teachers via the internet. All of us live in the hope we will come together again one day soon. The work of enhancing our curriculum and teacher training now are receiving top priority at our center.
We all know that the illiteracy of one child has far-reaching destructive impacts. Wiping out illiteracy is the responsibility of everyone. I do not like to ask you for donations. I am simply writing to let you know that these children will InshaAllah become literate and shine in life through our efforts.
If you would like to be someone who helped to make it possible, then please do sponsor the education of these street-kids. Please support our quality education project by building schools and providing school materials. There are many ways to help and many hearts willing to do so. Please knock on our door too.

A life well-lived is a life that helped those most in need.
Thank you for your interest, prayers, good wishes, and support.
Kind regards,
Fareeda Abbasi
Education Consultant
CEO, Youth Together for Human Rights Education
National Coordinator Youth For Human Rights International

Contact us at:
M: 0312-1037938
M: 0346-3407637

Youth Together for Human Rights Education

Al Raheem Raza Society Phase – I, Bungalow# 148,
Abdullah Shah Ghazi Goth,
Block F-2, Sector 31-32, Scheme 33

On behalf of Youth Together for Human Rights Education

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