How fixthenix works

How fixthenix works

How it works: fixthenix is an open/ common man website and do allows common man, employees to join & create free accounts in order to read, post and respond to company reviews, workplace culture, policies, salary data, and more.

Employers are also an important part of this website to clarify the blames and allow to know the people about their companies and updates.

When you leave review on fixthenix, you can also set scored ratings on different aspects of the company ranging from 1 to 5.

The second strength of fixthenix: it is a Question & Answer platform and run entirely by the user community (For the People and by the People)

Members/ users can ask the Question, follow the questions and write responses.

The fixthenix community members then votes/ likes dislike on answers, questions & comments. (either up or down likely to the social media platform.)

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